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Microloans used for lighting in Malawi

Source : Women news network

After Kiva’s “green loans” and the “clean energy” operation led by the Luxemburg agency ADA in Peru, we now have “Microloan’s solar women”. This initiative was carried out in Malawi by a British microfinance institution, the Microloan foundation. The idea is to develop a network of female entrepreneurs equipped with “micro-solar power” systems, in this East African country where only 8% of the population is connected to the electricity network.

The first group of women started the programme in the Kasungu region. After two and a half days’ training, they take away with them a solar kit consisting of solar panels, LED light bulbs, several mobile phone chargers and rechargeable batteries. With all these tools they should be able to sell a recharge service and loan light bulbs. Veronica, an entrepreneur featured in the Women News Network, appeared to be delighted to take part in the adventure. The solar package enables her both to increase her income and to light up her small tea shop: “I have many orders and the local school even wants to buy my entire stock of solar panels".

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