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Organic food stores committed to microcredit

Source : Digital journal

Being able to finance microloan programs when shopping for your usual products: that’s what the US organic food chain store company Whole Food Markets is proposing throughout October. More than 20 brands are partnering this operation, which will cover the $ 9 billion-turnover retail chain’s 200 stores.

In practice, it’s the brands, rather than the customers, that will be contributing. In the case of Ereworn cereals, 5 cents will be paid for each box bought. A drop in the ocean for microcredit? Whole Food, for whom this is not the first operation of its kind, has succeeded all the same in generating 15 million dollars for Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) since 2006. This organic food distribution giant uses its corporate foundation. The idea is to sponsor microfinance in those countries where Whole Food gets its supply of natural products. The Texan company claims that nearly a million people spread over 42 countries have benefited from its actions.