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Each year, March 8 is dedicated to women. This year, the theme of 2013 is "Defending Secularism is also our freedom."

Since 1977 - when UN formalised the International Day of Women - the situation of women in society has considerably improved. However, in many situations, sexism and gender inequality are still present. In France, every 6 minutes a woman is raped. Regarding the professional area, studies show with equal qualifications, women earn on average 15% less than men.

Throughout France, groups and associations are preparing demonstrations and animations. In Paris, numbers exhibitions will take place all day to honor women. A demonstration organized by the Association All motorcycle invites bikers to scroll bike in Paris, but also in Lille, Marseille, Nantes, Bordeaux and Lyon on Sunday March 11. And it is about 450 bars, pubs and restaurants participating in the operation Women Day , on this occasion women will be offered roses and other attentions which are always fun!

To see the program in Paris, click here .
To see the official website of the International Women's Day, here

Quid of the International Women's Day?

Women's Day has its origins in European socialist revolutionary movements in the early twentieth century. Workers, ordinary women, mothers, wives of soldiers, French, Russians, all lifted for recognition of their rights and values.

Some important dates:
 - 1910, Copenhagen at the second conference of the Socialist International Women, Clara Zetkin's proposal to create an International Day of Women is adopted
- March 19, 1911 : 1 million women demonstrated in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden and Denmark to demand, among other things, the right to vote
- February 23, 1917 (Gregorian calendar) corresponding to March 8 of Saint Petersburg workers demonstrate in the streets to demand bread and the return of their husbands left for the front.
- March 8, 1977 : The United Nations passed a resolution urging its members to celebrate a "United Nations Day for Women's Rights and International Peace"
- March 8, 1982 , the socialist government of François Mitterrand gave official status to the Women's Day in France.

By signing the Charter in San Francisco, the United Nations proclaim gender equality as a fundamental right of the human person in the world. In 2011, the UN launched UN Women , a new organization to accelerate progress towards gender equality.

And France?

This day is an opportunity for the government to implement the agreement Convention égalité (equality convention). In addition to the progress made Women as the law on sexual harassment, the repayment of contraception for minors, François Hollande, has submitted a draft bill for women's rights. This project will have four main objectives:
- Reform of parental leave, taken by women in 97% of cases
- The fight against violence against women with the introduction of new instruments to better protect and assist those whose companions do not pay alimony
- More famous women in the Pantheon
- Political parity: Despite an exemplar government, only 35% of the employees in ministerial offices are women

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"Woman is the Future of Man," Louis Aragon, Jean Ferra.

Source: Le Point and Au Feminin