• Microfinance in Switzerland





Switzerland represents a quarter of the world’s private microfinance

source : AGEFI

27% -- that’s the share of private global microfinance funds that Swiss companies manage or are consultants for. According to a recent study jointly authored by SDC (the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation), in 2010 they managed 2.3 billion dollars out of a total of 8.3 billion.

The same study shows that these investments should continue to increase and even double over the next five years. One of the reasons for this growth is “the rising interest by investors for socially responsible initiatives”, according to Daniel Schriber, from Symbiotics, one of the three main Swiss players in the sector.

If we include public investments (development aid agencies), international microfinance funding came to more than 21 billion dollars in 2009. In other words, the share of private funds is still in the minority, but this doesn’t include “local” funding from the banking sector.