Women entrepreneurs at the Asia-Pacific Summit Meeting

Source: APEC

The APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) forum was created in 1988, bringing together 21 countries of the Asia-Pacific region, including the USA. Within the context of APEC 2011, the town of San Francisco welcomed the APEC Women and the Economy Summit, from 13th to 16th September. Discussions included access to capital, the empowerment of women and leadership.

Among those taking part in the APEC women’s forum, several key figures emphasised the importance of microcredit as a tool to help women. According to the south American agency AgenciaPress, Aída García Naranjo Morales, Peruvian Minister for Women, should insist on the need to “change current practices and discrimination against women in the banking sector.” The minister also intends to highlight “the example and the role of Peruvian women in microfinance, where their tendency to save and repay their loans is remarkable.”

While the forum helped put “working women” such as Weili Dai, cofounder of the high-tech group Marvell Technologies, under the spotlight in the Asia-Pacific area, there is still much to do to improve equality between men and women. As the APEC site reminds us, “women are responsible for 66% of the work done in this world but earn only 10% of global revenues and own 1% of the land.”

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